Digital Services

Economy Print Service
Is an unassisted service for the more popular sizes up to 12x8 and is ideal for those photographers who are able to provide us with files that have been edited and balanced, and are pre sized into a folder on your order CD.

Digeprint Service
Use this assisted service for superb quality prints from you digital files. We check all
files and correct for size and colour balance to your personal preference.

Film Scanning
We can scan from your film and the resulting files can be used for proofing on your computer. Depending on the scanned file size they can also be used for our Digeprint service.

Slide Scanning
A 35mm slide scanning service to CD or print

Print and Artwork Scanning
High quality scans from your original photographs or artwork. From these we can produce copy prints or files to CD. ( you must own copyright, or have permission of the copyright owner).

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